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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

What seperates us from the animals?

Ahhh... interesting question. Yes there are similarities in the animal kingdom. Scientists have been studying gay mice for some time.

I raised pigeons when I was a kid. I had a hen. She was beautiful and was my favorite. All the cocks liked her too. They all mounted her. Well go figure... she mounted another hen and they had chicks. Once the chicks were raised, he went back to being a she and started up with the other cocks.

Pretty pigeon never "fathered" any additional chicks. I made sure to point out this interesting story to my father as it played out. I was hopeful that it might someday serve as a handy reference.

So did my gay bird imitate humans? Or is the gay “lifestyle” something that some are born with? What are the real differences between us and the animals? There aren’t too many to put on the list, that’s for sure.

What separates us from the animals?

1) We write stories and write music. We pass them over the generations.
2) We have created religion. Animals are too smart to get into this kind of trouble.
3) We are the only species capable to work together to leave our planet, visit another world and return.
4) We have the capacity and desire to protect and rear defective offspring en masse.

Where are we so much like animals?

1) We are territorial. We kill those not like us. The only difference between us and animals in this most animal of instincts is that we give the glory of carnage to god.
2) We protect our young.
3) We pass on learned behaviour to our young through our actions.
4) We procreate uncontrollably. We depend on nature and our own warring ways to cull the herd.
And like that.
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