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Monday, November 13, 2006

Is the kingdom of heaven among us?

"The kingdom of heaven is among us." I borrowed one of my dad's DVDs recently. He didn't like it because he said he couldn't follow it. It is called "The Kingdome of Heaven" and was released two or three years ago. I encourage everyone to watch it. I guarantee you that if you catch the real kingdom of heaven in that film, your life will be enriched.

I know that when I die, my ashes will be scattered below a favorite oak tree. My ashes will help enrich the soil to help feed that tree which is a home for birds, lichens, various creepy crawly things, and even mistletoe. The cycle of life will continue.

I am hopeful that some of my words will live on. For as long as I'm remembered, I'll still be alive in someone's heart. This is why I write.

If there is indeed life after death, I will embrace it fully. But I refuse to live my life in the here and now giving up what this world has to offer by the promise that my afterlife shall be better. I believe in making life here better, right now, for everyone.

If life is a test, I will likely fail. I was never good at tests. I can't believe a loving parent would expect a child to embrace a set of beliefs to follow and then damn that child because he/she could not divine the correct path left by 2000 year old bread crumbs. What would you do with your child who has "strayed"? You would love your child no matter what. Right? Is our capability to love greater than what God would have? I don't think so.

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