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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Welcome to the machine

Have you seen it? Everyone is in a quick lunch place; the camera angle is looking straight down as people move around the tables and through the line. The music is quickly paced and peppy. The image presented is a machine, the cogs are people as they move in tempo to the music. At the end of the line, everyone zips their Visa card through the pay machine and zips on through. The cogs turn, everything is in rhythm, people get their food, people come in, people leave. It is a colorful metaphor for what lunch “should be”.

And then a fellow steps up to pay with cash. As he opens his wallet, the machine breaks down. Chefs drop something in a big dish of creamy stuff, trays drop to the floor, the cogs break and bunch up against one another.

Really. They are telling us that we are cogs in a giant machine collecting money for them as efficiently as possible. WE ARE COGS IN THEIR MACHINE! And they are brazen enough to present it forthwith. There is no hiding the message. And I suspect that for the most part, most Americans think that it is a cute ad. And many will be convinced that using cash breaks the machine of business and get others upset. Wow. Can you believe this?

Hey folks… I’m convinced that I’m going to the bank tomorrow so that I can get out some cash. For the next several weeks I am going to use cash to pay for my groceries, gasoline, and whatever else. Let’s just see how many people I can piss off.

And while we are talking about the big machine, don’t forget to study up on the issues and vote on Tuesday. This is the one way we can help drive the big machine that has become our country. Perhaps we can’t change what they do while they are in there… but we can sure vote them out if we don’t like what they have done.


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