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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Cindi's Beliefs

I've been asked many times during the past several months what I believe. My writings have invited many curious questions from my readers. In another forum, I am answering questions concerning Mormon doctrine and history. I am not sharing my beliefs in that thread.

I have been hesitant to do this for various reasons but I think that posting my beliefs may answer questions for some, clear up perceptions for others, and just bore the rest of you to tears. I welcome comment and criticism. So, here they are... my beliefs.


Cindi's Beliefs

People have beliefs that they hold sacred. I do not believe in denigrating them. I honor their faith with an honest heart.

I will not be a member of an organized church. I believe that any organization that exists to the exclusion of any people has the potential to become powerful and exert harm towards minorities.

I do believe that there are many churches that are honorable and perform great good. I believe that there are many believers of almost every faith who are righteous and good.

I do not attribute things that I do not understand to be understood only by God. We have been given curiosity to learn and discover. I believe that it is a holy mandate for us to experiment and learn.

I do understand that most scientific facts have numerous flaws in definition or understanding. I understand that many scientific tenants continue to be redefined. However, we should not ever cease our pursuit for learning in all things.

I do believe that we should teach science in schools. I believe that religion is best taught by parents. Religion should not be taught in public schools.

I believe that we have power we do not understand. Some define this as faith. I believe that this power can be used for good, for healing, and understanding. I believe that many people can effectively use prayer.

I believe that Science and Faith can and do come together. We no longer pray for the rain god to release rain for example. We now understand how rain is made.

I believe in propagating the religious stories and traditions of our forefathers. These spiritual lessons learned for generations are important to understand. They can be used in an uplifting way. I do not condone the use of them to persecute any minority.

I do not believe anything anyone tells me to be absolute in any form. I believe there is truth but I believe no one can tell me the absolute truth, especially when it comes to living my own life.

I am a very spiritual person. I live my life by sharing love, charity, and grace. I have no need to forgive. I let things that offend me slide away.

I strive to protect the minority in any situation.

I hold all life as precious.

I am responsible for my own actions.

My beliefs are mine and although I will share them, I will not push them on anyone else.

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