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Friday, September 15, 2006

Smart Pills

I've read a lot of online posts recently of TG's self medicating. Some are purchasing creams and all natural suplements at exhorbitant prices. For any who fall in this camp, I have a story.....


So there's this kid standing on the corner rattling some rabbit turds in his hand.

"What's you got there?" asks another.

"Those are smart pills, they make you smarter!"

"Welll I want some, how much?"

"Five dollars for the lot!"

"Okay, here's a five, now give me the smart pills."

He's handed the smart pills and he pops them all in his mouth.

"Gawd, that tastes like rabbit shit!"

"See there? You're getting smarter already!"

Sorry... I just had to through it out there. To those of you spending so much money on the crank medications, give it a rest. Swallow your pride a bit and go see a doctor. Do it the right way and you'll save many hard earned dollars.


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