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Friday, September 08, 2006

Adversity's Mountain

Night's crushing black fades to day
The world caves in as you make your way
Adversity's mountain adds to the fray

Despair's thoughts tear through your mind
Tearing and shredding their way unkind
Odiously reaping their unending grind

All paths ahead seem erased
Brambles and thorns lay waste
Contentment gone all plans replaced.

Anguish and agony must end
The fragile branch no longer bends.
Life itself now condescends.

Yet, here we are, your friends.

Love shimmers through advocate panes.
A wall of hope offered, no disdain
Caring arms protect and maintain.

Live for now, agony will wait
Don't give in, don't take the bait.
Loving friends carry sorrow's weight.

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