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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Diabetes, HRT, and Cinamon

I'm sure that some of you know that I have Diabetes type II. And for this reason, I have discontinued HRT for some years now. There is some evidence that suggests that HRT can help bring on the condition, especially if it runs in the family.

So if you have a family history of Diabetes, I strongly suggest you share that information with your physician so that you can watch for the signs and take appropriate action.Type II Diabetes can sometimes be managed with pills or injections of insulin. But in some cases like mine, the medications are a hit and miss situation.I've been working with my physician in the use of a natural spice, cinamon. It is now available as a supplement.

It's just cinamon compressed into tablets. You can also make a cinamon drink with the spice and water. My experience is anecdotal at best. But I have been able to remove two of the 4 medications I was taking and my blood sugar levels are on average 60 to 80 points lower than before the treatment. Now, my blood sugars for the past few weeks are running on the low side instead of dangerously high.I'm not suggesting that you run out and buy cinamon supplements if you have Diabetes type II. But I am strongly suggesting that you do some research and discuss it with your doctor. In my case, I'm very sad that I did not find this sooner. I do have irrepairable nerve damage from the disease.


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