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Friday, September 08, 2006


During the past few days, an online friend has been grieving for his friend who OD'd and may lose his life. A group of us have banded together to lend our proverbial shoulders to cry on. We've called and written and done everything that we can to lend him our support. But when life is darkest, it seems that nothing can ever be happy again. I've been prompted during this episode to write a few poems to express my feelings. This work attempts to find something good in the dreariest color.....


Black, the abscense of light
where the fetus develops
and learns to fight it's way from the womb.

Black, devoid of light
where stars are born
and readied for flight
as givers of life.

Black, held from our sight
All's still there in the night
awaiting a new dawn.
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rebecca fog said...

I liked Black. I think the intro made a difference for me. I almost never understand poems or rock and roll lyrics for some reason.
I think I know who you had been thinking of when you wrote the poem.
As I said, the intro helped me to feel the poem better.

Rebecca Fog

Cindianna Jones said...


Believe me, you are not the only one who has a hard time with poetry. I believe that poems should be understood. What good are they if they don't convey the intended meaning? Some get caught up in the "science" of crafting the perfect poem. I'd rather have people "get" my idea. No, I'll never be famous for my work. But I will at least have been able to connect with a few other people during my life. And that is much more satisfying! Thanks for the comment doll.