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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas, the Great Inclusion; PART ONE

Christmas; The Great Inclusion
Part One - The War on Christmas

In our day, we declare war on anything we don’t like. I remember when we declared the war on drugs. I remember thinking at the time that this was a war we would never win. We didn’t have a known enemy to conquer. We had no idea what we would be fighting. There have been other wars declared in the meantime. The war on poverty, the war on terror, and others come to mind. None have been effective. The names are misnomers.

Last year, I heard a new one: “the war on Christmas”. It was odd. I’d never really thought that there was a need to beat down Christmas, put it on trial, and throw it in jail. Oddly enough, this war was declared by the same political factions of other declared ineffective wars for the same political reasons. It was a war conceived to portray an enemy that did not exist, conceived to enflame and divide the people of our fair country.

I saw on the tube recently, an interview with a Jewish man on the street concerning some aspect of the war on Christmas. At the end of the interview, totally off script, the Jewish gent wished the interviewer “Merry Christmas”. Here in the states, it is a national holiday of festive decorations and gift giving. You see, it is shared by most everyone from every walk of life. Regardless of your faith and spirituality, the holiday is a fun holiday to share.

Most of you know that I am “Druish Royalty”. Yes, the church that I pastor has no official religious holidays. But Bill O’Reilly had better not take my Christmas away from me just cause he wants me to declare a war on it!

Historically, this holiday has spurned creativity from the world’s best composers. Sure it’s religious. But it is also wonderful art of enduring quality. We should remember it. We play these classics every year to celebrate. Some of the newer stuff won’t have lasting value I’m afraid. But who doesn’t recognize tunes from the Nutcracker or Bing singing white Christmas?

It is a time when we get together and share with family and friends. For most of our society, it is the only time that gift giving is given a passing thought. I like to give out presents all year long… but it is especially fun at Christmas time. For you see, someone took the time to make festive wrapping paper that always fits the season. Just try finding themed paper to wrap that perfect gift for the summer solstice!

So here, may I present some of my favorite Christmas stories for your enjoyment in “The great inclusion; Christmas”

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